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We are a great influence on kids, as we also proved in earlier. strips.

Another week without playing as many board games than we’re used to due to loads of work. This is getting to be problematic for thinking up good comics. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What I did manage to find time for on Sunday was playing a game of Scythe for the first time! ย What a great game! It’s more simple than I thought and I personally like it more than Blood Rage for example. I really enjoyed the smart player boards and the fact that collected resources are left ON THE BOARD in stead of on your player board. Meaning you could lose them at any time if another player manages to take them away from you. ๐Ÿ˜€ This was the first time everybody in the group played Scythe, so I can’t wait till next time when it’ll go a little faster and everybody kind of knows what they are doing.

What would be your historical timeline in board games?

Ahahahah… we also played Scythe for the first time this Sunday. We played a 2 player game and although it gives you less need for combat, it was quite fun and we loved it. The upgrade system is just so clever and after you get used to the rules it becomes a really fast paced game . The artwork is just amazing!!! With how many people did you play? Were there many combat situations?

As historical boardgames, I can always add Puerto Rico, El Grande, Mare Nostrum or Axis & Allies.

At first glance of my collection, key historical beats for my “curriculum” would be along the lines of:

“Humanity grows prolific and enjoys abundance and creativity”
… 7 Wonders, Akrotiri, Colosseum, Tokaido, Alhambra, Haleakala

“Humanity decides prosperity is boring and must instead strive to dominate one another”
… Cyclades, Ventura, Carcassonne, Citadels, Dominion, Lords of Scotland

“Time passes and humanity continues to fight itself”
… Bang!, Flick ’em Up!, The Grizzled

“Humanity once again longs for all that prosperity and creativity”
… Brew Crafters, Brewin’ USA, Formula D, Quadropolis

“Humanity looks to the future and feels nostalgia for some good old fashioned fighting, stealing and claiming”
… Captain SONAR, Android: Mainframe/Netrunner/Infiltration, Coup, Resistance

“… then humanity soon has reason to wonder why they went out looking for a fight when the world would soon enough come crashing down around them”
… Dead of Winter, Neuroshima Hex!, 51st State

I gave some thought to a “US History through Board Games” curriculum a while back, but world history is a different question. I’ll do my best, but it is going to be unfortunately heavy on “the Greek tradition” (Rome, Europe, the US).

BIOS: Genesis (life arises out of organic compounds)
BIOS: Megafauna (battle for supremacy between dinosaurs and mammals)
BIOS: Origins or Neanderthal (the rise of sapient beings)

History (cheat mode):
Just play Nations or Through the Ages

History (hardcore mode):
Tigris & Euphrates (City States in the Fertile Crescent)
Tzolk’in/Trajan/The Great Zimbabwe/ZhanGuo (Four Great Centers of Pre-Colonial Empires)
Rattus/Village (Dark Age of Europe)
Marco Polo/Navegador (Rediscovery of the rest of the World)
Genoa/Pax Renaissance (The Renaissance)
Archipelago (The Fall of Mesoamerican Empires)
Empires-Age of Discovery (Settling the New World)
Puerto Rico (happy)/Colonialism (sad) (Look at Triangle Trade)
Revolution: The Dutch Revolt (The Eighty Years War and Rise of Protestantism)
Francis Drake (The End of Spanish Naval Supremacy)
Merkator (European Trade during the Thirty Years War)
A Few Acres of Snow (French Indian War)
Liberty or Death (American Revolution)
An Infamous Traffic (Colonial Economics of the British Empire)
Brass/1830/Arkwright (Industrial Revolution)
Diplomacy (How WWI got so messed up)
Black Orchestra (Hitler’s Rise)
Axis & Allies/Triumph and Tragedy (If you feel the need to re-fight WWII)
Manhattan Project (Arms Race)
Twilight Struggle (Cold War)
Days of Ire/Kolejka (Life in the Soviet Union)
Some form of Werewolf (McCarthyism)

After this I start living through it, so it can’t possibly be history!

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