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Apollo turned 13! He is still our lovable cat idiot who asks for attention at the most unfortunate moments. He loves lounging in the backyard during these sunny days and tricking the neighbors’ dogs into barking at him so the dog gets into trouble. He also tends to throw up at night (just hair, don’t worry), sometimes making our mornings a game of ‘notice the mysterious puddles before stepping in them!’. Last week, for the first time, he threw up while standing on some game boxes and while the damage was minimal (phew!), it did inspire this comic! 😅

This week we played no new games, which is quite a rarity in our house but we did get to revisit some old ones.

We played two games of Agricola because a friend bought the very fancy Agricola 15 edition, we’ve kept it pretty basic so far and haven’t played around with things like the X-deck. We do enjoy it a lot but we’re starting to realize how impactful the cards you receive at the beginning are on your final result. Maybe we need to start using the draft variant, although that will lengthen the game quite a bit.

I played my second game of Kill Team, after my Orks did very poorly in the first game I decided to run a Custodes team this time and did a lot better, only losing with one victory point difference in the end. I enjoy Kill Team more than regular 40k as a game and the lesser amount of time commitment but the game offers just a bit more tactical options than Grimdark Future: Firefight so it doesn’t feel too dice-driven. The friends I’m playing it with are tinkering with the idea of playing a campaign of it, which should tell you how much we like it.

We also played Above and Below and it’s still one of the most cozy games ever created. I like how everyone who plays it chooses fun over trying to win even when the game does offer loads of ways to optimize your score. Honestly, I was shocked at how much simpler it is compared to Ryan’s later games like Near and Far and Sleeping Gods. I realized that I kinda missed this simpler look in Arzium.

This week we’ll probably play Descent, we’ve almost completed Act 1 and it’s probably my favorite dungeon-crawler campaign so far. Other than that, we have no plans other than a strong desire to play the Forest Shuffle expansion we got this weekend.

Has a pet ever damaged one of your games?

While one of our cats is a destructive maniac, she hasn’t destroyed my board games beyond what we intended. She’s destroyed multiple keyboards, a host of mice (the ones with cords), multiple sets of speakers, three-ish LAN cables and an actual PC. I did learn really quickly that I can’t be leaving my games out to finish later, as I started finding health chips in places where I didn’t leave them. I never even tried to leave any cards out.

The other cat is a really sweet guy, but loves dice a little too much. He’ll come lie on the table with us, often in a nice spot where there weren’t any components, but he’ll make a grab for the dice if they come close.

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