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I enjoy a game with a good insert that stores all the loose game tokens, it looks so nice and organized when you open up a game box… IF, it was stored horizontally and not vertically. Since we live in The Netherlands, we like to travel by bicycle the most (stereotypes are there for a reason!). That means bringing board games in cycle bags, which are great but means your game(s) will get shaken a lot while vertically orientated. Any inserts without plastic covers will be useless in these cases. 😀 I guess, in the case of mindlessly storing and transporting games, the plastic baggies win over most inserts!

Speaking about games that just don’t need an insert at all, we played quite a few games of Triqueta last week with the new expansion Hidden Wolves. We already liked the base game, it’s a great push-your-luck game and it gets even more interesting with this expansion! The added two-player variant surprised us and works really well. If you’d like to learn more about the game or the expansion, you can read more in our Instagram post!

Our game of Descent was changed into a game of Robot Quest Arena because we ended up chatting a bit too long before starting a game. Which is totally fine, it’s always fun to play Robot Quest Arena! But having played it with three people,  I do think the game is at its best with at least four players instead of just three.

And this weekend we played another crazy game of Tokyo Highway: Rainbow City. I promised to share some pictures once we put those online, so here they are. The non-slip pads on the road pieces really make that you can build some crazy things in the game, we love it! The Kickstarter for the game launches tomorrow January 23rd if you’re interested in checking it out!

Which other games should you not store vertically?

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