If your question is not listed below, you can always contact us through any social media channel or send us a mail at ihaveaquestion@semicoop.com.

Can I share your comics on my page/feed?

Yes, of course, you may! On the condition that you don’t alter the original image and add the URL to the comic page on our website. If you share a comic on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we would appreciate it if you also refer to our account on those social media platforms (@semicoop in all cases). You’re not allowed to print our comics for commercial or advertising reasons without our permission.

Can I send you my game and will you make a comic about it?

You’re always free to send us your game, we appreciate it. We do however not promise that we’ll make a comic about it, but we do promise to play the game and share it on our Instagram account that has over 11k followers.
If you really want to be sure that we make a comic about your product so that you can use it as a fun and original form of promotion, you should take a look at our sponsored comics option! But if you just wanted to send us your games because you feel that we’re missing out on something great –  just get in touch with us through any social media channel or send us a mail at checkoutmygame@semicoop.com.

I love your comics and would love to support your work, how can I do this?

Aww, thank you! We have a merchandise store where you can buy Semi Co-op products and we get a small percentage of the earnings.  We also have a Patreon which has some cool perks. Otherwise, we just ask if you share our comics with other board game enthusiasts on social media platforms. We would love to reach a bigger audience and we need your help with that.

Will the sponsored comics replace your own ideas for comics?

No. We appreciate that we can do whatever we like with our comics and so we’ve decided that sponsored comics won’t replace our weekly outlet of creativity and silly jokes. Sponsored comics will be an EXTRA comic for you folks and they will be published on Thursdays. So it’s a win-win situation: you get to learn about new games and we get to make more comics in a sustainable way!

Will you make more Semi Co-op videos?

We would love to make more animations and we even have some great ideas, but they are really time-consuming to make so we cannot afford it right now. We do have a Patreon goal for animation if you want to actively support us making videos!

I have this fantastic idea for a comic! Would you like to hear it?

Always! If you think you have a wonderful idea for a comic, you’re always free to share it with us by sending us an email at ihaveanamazingcomicidea@semicoop.com.

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