In the world of Godtear there are no factions. 

Orcs fight alongside Dwarves, Elves ally themselves to the Undead, when it comes to claiming the power of the godtears even the most unlikely alliance can form. 

In game terms this means that you don’t need to consult an allies matrix or worry about who can fight alongside who thematically – you can just collect the champions you enjoy the look of or how they play!

Steamforged Games are launching four new champions! Rangosh, Raith’Marid, Rattlebone and Grimgut they’re available to order now from local gaming stores and from their webstore

Godtear is a hex based tabletop skirmish board game for two players. With its dynamic scenarios and pre-assembled, pre-coloured miniatures, it’s quick to start but hard to master! 

Learn more about Godtear here.

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