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We have a lot of lovely fans and we want to thank every one of you for reading and enjoying our comics, social media posts and commenting, sharing and. However, some of our fans are willing and able to support us with $3 or more per month which we think is an amazing thing, so we want to honor them by showing their name on this page:

  • Ashley Miller
  • Aviv
  • DiceSpire
  • Emily
  • G
  • Glenn Mochon
  • James Naylor
  • Jesse
  • Matt
  • Matthew Worland
  • Michel Hermans
  • Nancy Wright
  • No Rules Review
  • Oliver Kinne
  • Pemko
  • RoofPig
  • Ruud Hermans
  • Simon
  • Thomas Gorner
  • Juan Rizos
  • David Long
  • Trond Klakken

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